PactCentral VDR Software

Virtual data room providers never standstill. The market is filled with worthy candidates who offer a wide variety of services, and somewhere out there among them is your ideal provider who could meet all of your business requirements. Perhaps the supplier discussed in our article could be the one for you. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the PactCentral data room and highlight its key features.

PactCentral Virtual Data Room – General Features

PactCentral Virtual Data Room is a cloud-based tool that allows you to securely store and share sensitive data with a third party to your transaction. PactCentral is a worthy replacement for traditional data rooms that allow a company to simplify the work of employees, both during document management and collaboration. Manage multiple projects simultaneously, in real-time, with a single access point. The provider gives users who are working on the same project the ability to collaborate and exchange messages without the use of third-party applications and communications tools, thus providing full protection against extraneous cyber threats.

PactCentral VDR emphasizes providing a quality and secure user collaboration, but space protection is still top-notch.

Key Features of PactCentral

PactCentral helps you keep your company productive, even remotely, by providing the following features:

  • Edit – all your data is editable within the space, and the edit library protects all changes to the document and usually, this process takes place after the transaction is completed
  • Electronic Signature – you can now sign documents without the need for a face-to-face meeting. You can choose several formatting options that go along with the signing date information. Those documents that have been signed cannot be edited or manipulated in any way
  • Dynamic watermark – turn on the watermark feature before you send the document, this allows you to control the document even after downloading
  • Select & comment feature – highlight text parts in different colors and leave text comments for other users
  • Version control – manage versions of your document even after you’ve made changes to them
  • Mass Download – upload even huge volumes of documents in a couple of seconds, without any effort, the whole process happens automatically
  • Multiple Projects – you can create and manage multiple projects at the same time, you will have all the information you need, status, logos, and last access info in a single glance
  • Secure messaging – Using third-party apps to discuss important issues seriously threatens your security. With PactCentral you don’t need to use external communication sources, exchange files, multimedia, and messages in the program’s dedicated chat
  • Advanced search – among the huge structure of documents it can be difficult to find what you need, but not when you have the smart search function. It allows you to find the file you need by keywords
  • Trackers – keep track of all user activity, set access times for documents, deadlines for tasks, and user responsibilities
  • Roles-based permissions – set permissions for your documents with roles that control what users can do. So you can restrict users from copying, printing, forwarding, and downloading the file
  • Analytics – View all events, progress, and results within a room with detailed charts
  • Security -PactCentral has some of the best international security certifications, uses 256-bit encryption and encryption keys that allow you to manage your documents by decryption
  • Price -The provider offers two plans to choose from, but it’s best to contact the provider directly for details
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